2"-4" Wide Trims

Trim Laces that are 2"-4" Wide
0 3D 55 inches 58" A2115 A2115N3 Alencon Altar and and Crafts Applique Applique Yoke: Applique is perfect for the back or front of any top or costume / reenactment costume. Can also be cut up into individual pieces for arts and crafts. Great quality item! Art Arts Arts & Crafts arts and crafts Arts Crafts Back Drop Backdrop Baptism beaded Beaded Butterfly Guipure Belt Black Bling blouse or dress extensions Bohemian Rhapsody Braid Trim Lace bridal Bridal Decorations Bridesmaid Bridesmaids Bridesmaids Encaje Cape Casket Casket Coffin Chantilly Chemical Chemical Decorations Chemical Venise Children's Dresses Childrens Dresses Christening Church Church Altar Clear sequins Clothing Cluny Cluny Guipure Coffin Collar Commumion Communion Cool Corded Corded Bridal Costume costumes cotton Cover Cover Events Craft Crafts Crafts Scrapbook curtains cut offs Dance Decoration Decorations decorative DIY Clothing DIY Sewing DIY Sewing Proms Double Border drapes dress dresses Edging elegant embellished embroidered Embroidered Alencon Embroidered floral lace trim Encaje etc Events Events Invitations Eyelash eyelet Eyelet Trim Fabric Faux Silk Firm floral flower French French Venice Lace Funeral Funeral Casket garments Gingly Glitter Gold Gowns Guipure Guipure Chemical Handmade Hippy Hologram Laser Sequins Invitations Invitations Arts jeans Lace Lace by the Yard lace trim lame Lawn Cotton Fabric Lining mesh Metallic Metallic Silver Narrow mesh neon Organza parties Perfect for dresses Perfect for tops plain Poly Dupioni Polyester Prom Proms Proms Encaje quilting Quinceanera Retro Retro French Rhinestone Rhinestones ribbon Rope Trim Lace Runner Runner Cover Sash Satin Scalloped Trim scallopes Scrapbook scrapbooking sequin Sequins shawls Sheer Shiny Silver Silver Sequins Silver Venise Skirts Sleeve Slip Extender Soutache Stiff strech Sutache table Table Cloth table cover table covers Table Runner Table Runner Cover table runners Taffeta Textile Theater theater and dance costumes tops Traditional Tricot Trim Tutu Veil veils venice Venice Applique Venice Collar Venice Lace Venice Lace Trim Venise vests Victorian Victorian Traditional Wave Wedding white Wild Yardage Yoke Yoke Lace